Why Choose Stainless Steel?
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The popularity of stainless steel continues to grow...

..as it’s one of the most durable materials that is used in architecture, building
and construction and marine because of its corrosion resistant protective
passive film on the surface. It is however important that your stainless steel
is maintained and cleaned regularly.
Bacsoon Customising...
..always striving to provide innovative Stainless Steel fabrication & customising
that exceeds customers expectations.

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Bacsoon Customising Core Services

The Bacsoon Customising team is dedicated to provide you with the highest quality material available in order to deliver the highest standard of products and services and through close communication and clear planning we work together to achieve the best outcomes.

Our modern facility is equipped to handle a variety of tasks such as:
  • Welding, TIG,MIG and MAG
  • Bending, folding (120ton) capacity
  • Guillotine
  • Precision Machining and Milling
  • Tube bending
  • Fabrication
  • S/Steel stockist
  • S/Steel hardware, fittings and fixtures
  • S/Steel grate and troughs.

Site Services Include:

  • Process tube and pipe
  • Purge TIG welding
  • Installations
  • Commercial kitchen maintenance
  • Project and R&D.



More about Bacsoon...

Over the years Bacsoon has maintained a great relationship and work ethic with the following Companies.
  • Merlot constructions
  • Paynter Dixon
  • McDonalds
  • Reece Plumbing
  • Gosford RSL
  • Descas Landscaping
  • Arcadian Organic Meats

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Contact Us...

Ph:  +61 2 4322 4955
Fax: +61 2 4322 4977


Unit 2 14-16 Stockyard Place
West Gosford NSW 2250

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